The Cintran Wars

Speaker in dreams discussion

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this will reach you soon: Anaxagoras of Kos, philosophies of the Rionarr peoples

Some things to consider:

How are Tempa Stormhammer and the Adventurers Guild connected to all of this? (if at all?)

Who was Tallever Sniacy and what role did he play?

Who was the Maimed Man and what role did he play?

Temporadas, the speaker in dreams and keeper of fate is after you (according to the maimed man). What did you do to piss him off?

Based on your conversation with the Maimed Man and what you know about the case of Tallever Sniacy, how does Temporadas operate? Could you have seen any shadows of his activity?


So old Tempo is Fate, time and dreams… Well this rogue cheated fate, has seen people from another time and has had many a weird ass dream. MnM said he was after Caleb right? Right guys?? Right!!???

Speaker in dreams discussion

Mutilated man did say that Temporadas was after you but he meant “you” plural (or at least you interpreted it this way) not Caleb in particular.

Most of you have been having some funky dreams, or even visions during trances immediately after the Mok’tai and very occasionally thereafter.

Speaker in dreams discussion

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