This is the timeline of the Cintran Wars Adventures.

Nov 781 Price of Winter You traveled to Winterhelm searching for an agent code-named Saffron and an artifact known as Clavis Innocentivis. You ended up locked in a tomb for three days. Sans key but with plenty of frozen excrement.

Feb 782 Rite of Spring Some bad things were happening in the backwater area of Springfathom Valley. You never quite found out what but four young noblemen rode in and none left. Also Caleb was turned into a goat which, in Hip’s view, was a notable improvement.

Aug 782 Master of Sommerfell Hall You traveled to the small imperial county o Sommerfell at the behest of Mercer Riccano to clear out the seat of the newly acquired demense. You defeated a black dragon in its layer. Better still: you defeated a black dragon in its layer in front of a famous bard.

Oct 782 Messineese Knot you were sent to Messin City to bid on the powerful and dangerous artifact known as the Plates of Rakkenosh. You had to make sure the plates would never be used. In the end the plates were destroyed AND you kept the money.

Aug 783 Trial by Ordeal You were sent to the The raven Lands to find the fate of Raemon Montered. The son of a member of the Adventurer’s Guild Raemon was secretly engaged to the daughter of Warrick Neville. He was eaten.

Sep/Oct 783 A rot in Mendovale You found that Edward Count Mennidris was in league with a clan of Mind Flayers, though it looked like he was in over his head. You obtained evidence of his misdeeds, his involvment with Earrick Neville (this you kept to yourself) and you rescued the Githzeri V’llor Hun from beneath the castle.

1st Jun 784 Reason of State: Yiagami’s Lockbox begins when you were dispatched to Sommervale again. Lots of things happened recapped here, and here, and summary. You were captured by Jeremiah Covax in the the of June.

21 July 784 Reason of State: The Dove and the Sparrowhawk You arrived in Barset in the Kingdom of Andogor and were given a mission by the Cintran Government In Exile to find Annais Leanea, the last surviving Cintran Royal.

20 Aug 784 You Arrived in Messin City and boarded the Dawn’s Dove to travel to Freetown.

9 Sept 784 Arrival at Freetown

12 Sept 784 Reason of State: Hues of Fire Leaving for Smoking Island aboard the Sparrowhawk.

01 Oct 784 The date Annail Leanea swore allegiance to the Empress Sybilla Molfinois.

10 Nov 784 Arrival back at Messin city.

16 Nov 784 Storm of Malice sworn in as Imperial Inquisitors.

20 Nov 784 Departing from the grand portal at Maressa Academy for Malice Castle.

30 Nov 784 Messin City, nine days after The Incident. Prison of Intent: A Strange Harvest begins.

1 Jan 785 Fire burns the Halls of Truth in the Imperial city during new year’s celebrations

15 Jan 785 Presentation to the Imperial cabinet. You have summarised your findings and managed to put together the motives and the plan of the former Inquisitor. You immediately set off for Cintra where you believe the war is brewing.

14 March 785 Prison of Intent: Case White Arrival in Cintra City.

27 March Covax Slain in Fort Humaita.

15 April – 16 May Battles for Amber Hills.


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