Most of the action is taking place on the Northern continent of Misuria. It is divided primarily into the Dearin Empire to the west and a number of independent kingdoms to the east. The Kingdoms are Thessil, Popeia, Andogor and the Pious Andermanni Confederacy.

There is significant tension between the Empire and the Kingdoms. The empire has historically been an expansionist and conquering power but sometimes troubled by significant internal strife. This is a tradition that seems to be continued by the current Empress Sybilla Molfinos who, after consolidating her power conquered the kingdom of Cintra in Year 776.

Out of self-defence the Kingdoms have organised a Great Eastern Alliance with a (nominally) independent allied army under the command of General David Torrens and liberally supplied by the Allies. Over the course of the last years the Grand Alliance has also been developing politically with a second layer of civilian “proto-federal” government led by Grand Marshalls Balthazar and Regulus.

Many believed that the Allied army would fall apart or become little more than ceremonial as competing tensions white it away. The opposite seems to be happening – General Torrens seems to be increasing the strength of the Allied army very rapidly and the Marshalls seem to be moving more and more political clout.

However, despite the Empire’s bellicose history, the adventurers believe (on the assurance of the Empress herself) that the Empire desires peace. The kingdoms also are primarily interested in self-preservation.

The country of Cintra has, until recently, been resisting imperial rule vigorously. However, the last remaining ruler of the CIntran Royal Family, Princess Annais Leanea, has sworn fealty to the Empress and the early indications are that Cintra is becoming peaceful.

The adventurers guild, based on a floating castle and defensed by a white dragon, is scrupulously neutral and aloof of the political tension. Despite this both sides regard it as a huge prize primarily due to the powerful portal network. Outright alliance with it has been pursued by both sides.


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