The Cintran Wars

Rare Birds Information

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Misc Knowledge Collected

Za’Har and background

Allegra Si’Rota

Allegra Si’Rota is a high ranking noble woman. She is connected to the Imperial Governor and plugged in to high society. She has had, in the past, significant dealings with various merchant cartels and organisations and is said to be fabulously wealthy. She is involved in all sorts of charitable work, most notably in the Brothers of Mercy Hospital and St Catherine Sanatorium for which she raises (and donates) eye watering amounts.

Strangefeather claims that she is a high level Imperial Intelligence operative in “double cover” and has business at the highest levels of the State.

House and grounds

Sthangefeather claims the statuette is in an old doll rocking horse, which is probably in Allegra’s private study.

Night of the Party

The annual ball is a big event in the overly-patriotic Za’Har. Allegra holds it every three years and it’s quite the social event of the season. She holds a large party for the common folk and townspeople in the grounds of her mansion on the same night – with free flowing drink, tables heavy with food and fabulous entertainment of every kind.

Notable Guests





Strangefeather was very insistent on Allegra not coming to harm… And on keeping the profile of this mission hidden. Ideally no one will know that any theft happened at all.

Dishonor Among Thieves

You find yourselves in a loading area by a long disused mine corridor, wounded and exhausted. The support beams look like they’ve sen better days and creek ominously every so often. Though you will are sheltered from the rain the cave walls are slick with water. The 6 wine-barrels (containing more water) probably aren’t helping.

With you is a wounded and unconscious Drow warrior and a badly damaged pimp. The latter especially is covered in 3rd degree burns, his hair is gone as are most of his clothes, his limbs are mangled and his face still contains some of the glass which once constituted the window to his 2nd story office. A handful of zombies are milling around the cavern. In terms of the smell of this all it is well beyond the limit of what even prestidigitation can accomplish…


The Kraken's Embrace

Mathias Hatcher has put you in touch with a couple of contacts in Messin. It takes you a while to set up a network but word gets around that some experienced high-impact operators are in town. Sure enough, after a time a number of offers come pouring in.

Understandably, the details of a job are available only to these who essentially say yes. The kind of people who employ you value their privacy…

Hanseatic League: they wish to transport a trade representative to a competitor’s place of business and aid him in conducting negotiations. The negotiations may need to be… assertive.

Society of Friends: A man took over the thieves guild in a decently- sized town and decided that they will do better off on their own. A message must be sent.

Krakens: Marion Springhill, the leader of the powerful (and legitimate – or maybe a little gray) merchant house issues you an invitation to his Cliffside manor. He has a reputation for being a ruthless but scrupulously hones businessman. He also had dealings with Agnes Summervale’s late father, Dominik.

Sharks: A ship with a very specific cargo is due to leave a faraway port. The kind of thing which might be worth a lot to the right buyer.
Do your own thing:* It is said that the gods help these who help themselves. Today may be a good day to start.

The Shark's Bounty

Edwin Blackmoore, an old and famed pirate Captain has bequeathed a number of pieces of advice on you, though his motives remain shadowy.

You took his council and have bound your crew tighter to yourselves through the act of murder. You kidnapped and killed Julius de’Farragio – a man you had never met but against whom your crew had grievances. de’Farragio was the lieutenant of the self-styled “Admiral” B Chatfirld, known as ‘Buster’ – a prominent member of the Krakens faction.

you have finally discovered the location of Vipo Neptus’ buried treasure and have wasted no time on acquiring it.

5000 GP in gold and bars
1500 worth of gold plate and ornaments
1000 emeralds

…and some other items.

Upon your return Hatcher got in touch with you to retain you for another job – staging a breakout form the infamous Chateau d’If, in Mirana’s Port on the island of Andorra.

Slaughter at Breston's Shore

Having sailed to Breston’s Shore to secure a payment from the Dwarf Tovirr Frankelheim (Whose master is Correlius Fullo – a powerful man though you don’t know many details), and perhaps leave the Argyve’s slaves in his custody. You found the town taken over by a bunch of cultists calling themselves the Followers of the Sacred Flame, who were led by snake-ish looking mutants and mainly comprised of a “lost legion” deserters or simply abandoned soldiers from the Lupellan Republic’s many wars and struggles.

You orchestrated a full scale battle. and you have defeated the cultists although the townsfolk and your freed slaves suffered mass casualties. You killed a number of the snake-men, and “Brother Joshua” – the second in command but the leader: Deacan Sulvenius escaped.

In the end you had ordered the massacre of all but four of the Cultist prisoners you had taken. the other four were made to draw lots – three losers were burned on the cult’s own pyres.

You have settled the surviving slaves in Breston’s Shore.

One of the Kimbree Warriors has fallen bravely in the battle, 5 remain including Micipsa.

Cornelius Varres Septimus has comported himself with the bravery and skill which matched your already high expectations. He also wore trousers.

You have impressed the Argyves original crew, 5 of whom remain, were chained belowdecks for the battle. They will help you sail back to Freetown.

Alberro (formerly also of the Argyve) has earned your trust. He could have fled but instead waited for the “away party”. Then he was useful in organising the transport and arming of the slaves (even gave a speech which, all agreed, was rousing) and fought at the sea gate in the battle.

The 5 surviving Seamen from Capitan Segobod’s crew were useful in the battle though they showed little interest in dying where they stood and have withdrawn in face of the Cultist Legionaries onslaught. They are raw that Kalievra melted one of their comrades for a minor transgression but bygones be bygones quicker with cash.



8 weeks wages at 1gp/day: 280
Net Gambling winnings: (100)
9% of the Argyve


12 Shares of a 10,000 GP payment
91% of Argyve.
Whatever you nicked from the ship (220)

Take a Slaver

You have attempted to collect on your debts but were unsuccessful on all counts.

You have embarked on a desperate adventure to Intercept the letters of a Lupellan Governor: Marcus Tullius Cirillis. You had been successful in this endevour and you had taken the Lupellan Slaver Argyve (a converted merchantman in poor condition).

Aboard with you are:

7 captured seamen from the Argyve
6 Seamen form Cpt. Segobod’s crew who volunteered to help you crew the prize
Cornelius Varres Septimus (claims to be a former lieutenant in Lupellan army)
6 Kimbree, led by Micipsa
26 other slaves, mostly men, farmers etc. peasants. 5 of them are sailors (well fishermen)

In addition to Cirillis’ letters you found a letter to the former Capiran of the Argyve, offering payment for this lot of slaves, and another previously received. You intend to pose as the Argyve’s legitimate crew and try to steal the money (whether you will hand over the current salves is another matter). To this end you have set sail for Beyarra Province, controlled by the Lupellan Republic.

Debts and Obligations

Here is the summary of the debts owed to you:

To Mathias Hatcher 4,000
Capitan Zabrak 5,000
Capitan Holdov 2,000 (lost at sea)
Capitan Segobod 1,000
Denver Sommervale, esq 2,000

You have committed to pay 20k to Mizzik to repair the ship… you have paid 2500

The Isle of Dogs

Having made the Dove Seaworthy again (kind of) and acquired a second crew mate and even managed to load the cargo hold. It’s a good time to reflect on your personal and group goals, aspirations and plans.

A Fateful Dawn

You have arrived in a shallow harbor in Belamessa Island, the Isle of Dogs. A forest of evergreens and silver birches rises away from the beach becoming dense only a little inland. You can see that the top of the long island is mountainous though almost entirely covered by the woodland. From your map you suspect that settlements, if there are any, are located on the other side of the island.

Your makeshift rigging got you this far… but you doubt that it would hold out for another seagoing voyage. Over the last three days you have replenished the shipboard water supplies. Though you have hunted well you have little in terms of non-perishable rations, but you do have 3-4 days of meat berries and root vegetables. Mushhikato has been doing yeoman’s work with a little of the wood he managed to cut down and shape with his simple tools and has helped to prop up the weakened hull. Though you aren’t taking in water you mislike the look of the half cracked planks in the cargo hold.

You have washed your clothing and yourselves in the nearby stream and you make a little ridiculous picture in the ill-fitting assortment of clothes and armour (stitched with sail-thread where needed) and jury-rigged weapons.

For the first time in literally as long as you can remember you feel somewhat secure – the immediate struggle for survival is over.

Your Hold contains:

A block of salt, slightly eroded and soiled by wine pitch and oil.
About 500g in silver in large tough leather and sailcloth bags.
An amphora of wine, the only one of many to survive the devastation aboard ship.
A barrel of pitch.

Speaker in dreams discussion

Discuss things here!

this will reach you soon: Anaxagoras of Kos, philosophies of the Rionarr peoples

Some things to consider:

How are Tempa Stormhammer and the Adventurers Guild connected to all of this? (if at all?)

Who was Tallever Sniacy and what role did he play?

Who was the Maimed Man and what role did he play?

Temporadas, the speaker in dreams and keeper of fate is after you (according to the maimed man). What did you do to piss him off?

Based on your conversation with the Maimed Man and what you know about the case of Tallever Sniacy, how does Temporadas operate? Could you have seen any shadows of his activity?


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