The Cintran Wars

Speaker in dreams discussion

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this will reach you soon: Anaxagoras of Kos, philosophies of the Rionarr peoples

Some things to consider:

How are Tempa Stormhammer and the Adventurers Guild connected to all of this? (if at all?)

Who was Tallever Sniacy and what role did he play?

Who was the Maimed Man and what role did he play?

Temporadas, the speaker in dreams and keeper of fate is after you (according to the maimed man). What did you do to piss him off?

Based on your conversation with the Maimed Man and what you know about the case of Tallever Sniacy, how does Temporadas operate? Could you have seen any shadows of his activity?

The King of Kings Recap

“Would you have come here anyway?” the Lady Zay Asked.

A cold fear begins to grip you as your investigation progresses. Though you have found much, every clue brings more questions than answers.

The mysterious D’jinn, fires of the desert. The assassinated madman. The appearing arrow. The secret weapons program. The murdered information broker. The empty tomb. The ancient prophecy. Whispers of cults and rage-inducing drugs on the streets. The attractive psychiatrist. The missing caravan. The antediluvian text. The shadowy monk and the enigmatic pirate Hakkosh. Larkin, the spy warning of treasons and secret societies.

All these may form a link in a chain. A chain threatening to wrap around the throat of Za’har Province and maybe the very empire as well. But how do they join together? Or are you simply chasing shadows and images created by your own suspicions?

You are in a meeting with Lady Zay, there to discuss your conclusions.

• You travelled to the site of development for Project Scorpion, near Dalzanagdad where work is progressing on the metal catapults and Greenthistle fire. If completed as expected they will form a formidable battlefield and siege weapons.

• In the Library you have found the Illithine Prophecy along with a first hand account of an ancient Zerrikanian invasion of the El’Harrim and the Quinnese empires.

He rides, even today among the stars;
T’ward his people, now ‘oer destiny bereft;
Far now, but He with every even nears;
Unite the tribes! asunder are now cleft.

Great Stallion! To the mewling weak:
bringer of tears; in Fire and Blood
will conquering Zerrikanian arrows streak
after the flames: a pasture ‘er proud cities stood.

Great Stallion! from Haven doth he ride;
A blackly sun will clearly shine for all;
The King of Kings! To us he will arrive,
And every Khan and every Queen his thrall;

The Bloody fist, a portent of His fate
The grazing world, His thirst of conquest sate!

• These have led you to a tomb of the ancient Khan Atteron (who united the Clans as a Khan of Khans), which you found empty save for an old philosophical text “the Discourse on Salt and Iron”. You left the scroll in the library for translation.

• You attended Count Aelzor Si’Rota’s Ball in honour of his daughter Allegra. There you were contacted by an IA operative – Stirling Larkin. He told you that he suspects a subversive secret society of some sort has been recruiting primarily Zerrikanians. Jaikon (Kris) established an alter identity looking to make contact with the society but to no avail so far.

• A new drug called Mek’hoa has been hitting the streets. It has religious significance to the Zerrikanians and sometimes sends its takers into a bloody rage. Several deaths have allredy been attributed to the substance.

• Teller told you of a mysterious man calling himself Hakkosh. In front of your very eyes he was assassinated by a Shadow-Monk. Though you gave chase he disappeared. He slew Teller with no fewer than 5 daggers, thrown an impossible distance and coated with Black manticore Venom – a substance deadly to the Zanhamani. His apprentice, Mr Hardhill, charged you with avenging his master.

o In year 774 Hakkosh Arrives in freetown in a rented “friendly Ship”
o Buys a stake in a pirate ship and assumes command even though he’s a landsman.
o Teller was agent, he suspected Hakkosh had a partner but he couldn’t find him.
o Intercepts a Lupellan freighter carrying silver secretly and disbands crew (secretly buying arms from Messin City).
o Months later arrives in Lupellus and buys Publicani associated with Cornelius Sulla at discount prices. Weeks later Sulla wins a great victory over his opponents armies led by Saturninus. Hakkosh sells his shares for a fortune.
o Shows up months later in Helena and commissions two magical Ahaks, also a number of magical daggers; and purchases a number of scrolls and magical artefacts.
o Vanishes. Has been spotted on two occasions in Zahariim within the last year.
o Again teller can’t find him.

The Rose of The desert recap

This is a rough summary, clearly some details (some of them may be relevant) were omitted.

At the behest of the Empress and Lady Zay, you have travelled to the walled city of Zahariim, the ancient capital of the Za’har province far in the West of the Empire. You have initially been asked to deliver some notes to a Commander Alhenno near Dalanzadgad. He is working on a secret weapons project, codename “Scorpion”. You have also been asked to observe the local social and political situation. Further, Lady Zay has requested that you be available to her when she conducts magical research (she is expected to arrive within a week or two).

However, you have quickly became embroiled in an investigation about the death of a mysterious man known as ‘John Doe’, somehow connected to a phenomenon known as the D’jinn or Fires of the Desert.

There have been 5 D’jinn effects recorded – huge fireballs flying up into the sky above the steppes.
1 755
2 Autumn 772
3 30/01/781
4 30/04/785
5 15/06/787
6 ??? 7/07/788

John Doe appeared close by to the 5th event. He was wounded in his hand and raving; he was brought to a hospice by Investigator Fahad, your liaison, who claims to have been investigating the D’jinn events. He theorises that John Doe walked out of the magical fireball. The authorities did not show significant interest in investigating the case aggressively.

What you know about John Doe:
• He was heavily wounded in his right hand. The arm also suffered heavy damage (possibly from magical translocation) and his arm had to be amputated.
• His musculature and scars indicated that he was a seasoned fighter.
• He wore an Imperial officer’s uniform though its construction indicated that it might have been an imitation. No officers fitting his description were reported missing in Za’har.
• His accent indicated (to Dr Sara Shin-Shu) that he may have lived in Za’har but he was not born here.
• He raved about needing to see Caleb the Grand Inquisitor (Alain), though caleb has never heard of the man.
• He raved about an “Archamge Robair Claremontov”. No one of that name exists (so far as you know) but you have met the Claremontovs – a middle class couple in Zahariim. They have a baby called Robair.
• He raved about “Fire and Blood”, of “cities burning”, of a “Burning Rose” and of “Sneaking into Enemy Territory” and about an “Illithine prophecy”
• Dr Shin-Shu believed that he would regain his senses
• On 13/08/787 he was murdered in a professional assassination.

You have travelled to the site of where Investigator Fahad expected to see the sixth event. No great fireball manifested but it seemed that a bloody, broadhead arrow appeared at the site.

You have theorised that time travel of some sort may be involved.

Prison of Intent: A Strange Harvest review

Having taken the Dove from Messin City to Tallisport you have travelled with a very fair wind you have arrived in the Imperial City a little under a week after you landed.

3 January
You arrived you were met Baron of Shady Pines, Theodore Vargus – High level Diplomat and IA operative. He has been assigned to be your IA liaison.

Gith Ambassador J’kay has been taken in by the Imperial Foreign Office, the Empress has later endorsed your actions in Messin wherein you offered sanctuary to the ~100 surviving gith now led by your old comrade V’llor Hun.

You received a pro forma introduction in the throne room but were later greeted very warmly by the Empress Sybilla Molfinos in her personal residence of St Michaels Tower. There she set you to the task of finding your adversary former Inquisitor Jeremiah Covax, discover the purpose of his machinations and disrupt them as necessary.

Present were:
o Donovan Hallberis, head of Imperial Security
o Thoros McIntire, Ravener, Queens Bodyguard and head of the Empress Own
o Fenn Codringer, Head of IA
o Theodore Vargus, Baron of Shady Pines (Your IA liason)
o William Comraty, Prime Minister

Other key members of the imperial Cabinet:
o William Kacey High Marshall and Master General of the Ordnance
o Thomas Sackville lord of Buckhurst – Head of the Foreign Office
o Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Liselle Secretary of the interior
o Magister* Theremis the White*, High Councillor

The seat of the inquisition was based in the Hall of Truth an adjunct to the Grand Cathedral. The small walled complex included the Inquisition Hall (with a small Library), a small but luxurious Vicarage of the Grand Inquisitor and a number of guardhouses.

o On New Year’s eve, during the traditional masked ball it has been completely burned down with 17 bodies found among wreckage so far, some with signs of violence.
o A number of other inquisitors were also murdered on the same night.
o The other stronghold of the inquisition is about three week’s travel from the capitol.

You interrogated father Eduardo Rabbih, personal confessor to Jeremiah Covax and his friend of many years. He was taken into custody due to a standing order to arrest all inquisitors. You ordered his release and reversed the order, though details of all inquisitors found in the City are to be forwarded to you.

4 January
You searched the burned Hall of Truth but found nothing new. It seems certain that foul play was indeed involved and at least some of the dead were murdered before the fire was set.

In the lodgings of one of the slain Inquisitors, a Deacon Albert Sylvio, you found notes on an investigation he was conducting into the Inquisition. His notes revealed the following:
o He has seen a suspicious meeting between one of the Inquisitors, a Father Darrus, and a person in a coach bearing the crest of Mannerberg.
o Notes that he (Sylvio) recently follower Father Darrus to a fine (though located in a shady part of town) establishment belonging to a Mr. Greenstreet – an underworld figure.

5 January
Your formal appointment as Inquisitors took place, with Caleb named the New Grand Inquisitor.

IA was notified of an Inquisitor by name of Deacon Sullimiah Verrus hiding in the city, making plans to escape quietly. You captured him without difficulty. After interrogating him you believed that he was Innocent and set him free, releasing him from his vows but inviting him to re-join the Inquisition when he is ready.

6 January
You went to Greenstreet’s establishment. After a night of dicing and drinking you found out that:
o Father Darrus did indeed have dealings with Greenstreet, however he has not been seen there in months. Other inquisitors had dealt with Greenstreet some three weeks ago.
o The inquisition had bought out the debts of Marquis Fairgarden, and aide-de-camp working for Marshal Menno Coheroon, the head of Imperial forces in the East, the largest imperial standing army.
o Fairgarden was not aware that the Inquisition has bought up his debts and Greenstreet encouraged him to borrow more heavily and eased him into other fashions, whilst representing the inquisition’s men as his own.
o You agreed that you owe Greenstreet a favour but you drew the line at paying him money…

You made inquiries into Albrecht Detwailer, Barron Mannerberg. A prominent noble with a reputation for caring for his city and people and for being courteous, open handed. He is known for his faith and strong morals and for not indulging in the vices that often come with aristocracy. He is a man who inspires loyalty.

7th January
You set off for Mannerhill House the residence of Albrecht Detwailer, the Baron of Mannerberg. You came up with a ruse to test the Baron’s Loyalty.

9th January
You arrived at Mannerhill House. Though your ruse was sophisticated the Baron must have seen through it straight away. He was smart enough to deal with a fake Covax in just the right way to avoid suspicion. He poisoned you then attacked, and was killed in a short and furious fight with him, his retainers and two members of the Black Talon elite troops. Though most of the household staff fled you brought them back and ordered them to remain at Mannerhill.

The Baron had two sets of prisoners: Ludmilla the Baroness Starbreeze and her daughter Martha, aged six, and an Edgar and Sandra Harkness, commoners held in the dungeons. After some questioning you worked out that the prisoners had something in common. The Baron Starbreese is a General on the staff of Menno Corehoon, the Grand Marshall of the Imperial forces in the East, and Edgar’s brother Horace is a Sargent leading a small platoon of mounted messengers.

The Baron managed to burn most of his incriminating papers… However, you also found a cryptic letter from Covax himself. Make sure you read it in the media Library!

12 January
You return to the Imperial City with the erstwhile prisoners in tow. Following a cryptic clue, overheard by Baroness Ludmilla Starbreeze, you tracked down a young highly placed Imperial bureaucrat – Valerio Dansenni. He killed himself rather than be questioned and among his possessions you stumbled on a wooden document box – which incinerated as soon as you touched it. You are certain that he was somehow involved in *Covax*’ conspiracies.

13 January
You have spent the day with Theodore Vargus, your IA liaison, discussing the details of the case, specifically * Valerio Dansenni*. He was a mid level clerk in the FO but, like Vargus, he also had a role in the Imperial Intelligence. Dansenni was one of the clerks responsible for passing messages to the Great Web which, following The Event at Messin City, is the Empire’s main system of covert communication. You had surmised that Dansenni altered the message sent to Marshall Libovitz, the head of Imperial forces in Cintra and one of the two main Imperial forces in the east (the other being commanded by Coheroon himself. (see also this message in the media library)

After much investigation you concluded that Dansenni would not have been able to alter (or even read) the message itself but that he probably changed the footer of the message. a low level clerk noted at the time that the footer seemed surprisingly long. Dansenni had intimate knowledge of the Great Web and imperial procedures. Though he should not have been able to read the message itself it’s general contents was well known in the FO/IA circles.

It is now the evening of the 13th of January. There is an Imperial cabinet meeting scheduled for the afternoon of the 14th, where you are expected to lay out the conclusions of your investigation to before the full cabinet and the Empress herself. You will also be expected to analyze the situation within the Empire, the impact (if any) of *Covax*’ machinations and suggest your next policy.

You know that the role of the Inquisition has not been well defined and that you are seen as outsiders by many. You are sure that your unprecedented level of access to the highest levels of government must rub many in the cabinet and outside the wrong way, given that they can trace their imperial lineage for centuries and have labored for decades in the service of the Empire.

You feel under pressure to demonstrate your worth.

Storm of Malice: Straws in the wind

Remember not all of this is necessarily true or relevant.

You found out the following in Messin City

o Covax was running an agent Alfred Dreyfus, a young man of impeccable background working for the Imperial Embassy. He copied Covax on Imperial correspondence with the Messinese Duke and Senate both private and public. The correspondence highlighted that the Empire desired peace with the Kingdoms.

o Information Broker, the dwarf Alyssa Tonnedrez placed Covax in contact with several prominent mages from the Maressa Academy. One of them Morenno the Black vanished over a year ago.

o Lorenzo the Spiteful, a rotund and good humoured mage from the academy confirmed that Covax was in touch with him looking to build some kind of magical device. He couldn’t give details but knew that Covax had been acquiring large quantities of Dwimatter – a volatile element with magic-damping properties.

o Grateful to you for rescuing his son, Baron le Verris shared with you that some time ago the inquisition obtained plans to the strategically important Fort Humaita.

o In the Imperial City you received a letter from Henry un’Vilnus, Count Barset, former head of the CGE. He claims that for some time the Inquisition has been fomenting and aiding the resistance in Cintra, at least according to papers belonging to Paul Joseph Speer.


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