Cintran Wars: Maelstrom

This is the second campaign in the Misuria setting. At least for now, our intrepid heroes are aboard the Dawn’s Dove – an independent merchant ship. A number of Mysteries surround the way they found themselves there.

We will continually update the info on the State of the Ship, the Crew. read more about the ship here: Dawn’s Dove Layout.

This is a semi-casual D&D campaign that is being run online for members of Adventurers Guild Melbourne. We are playing an ongoing campaign but attendees at the Guild events are welcome to drop in on a session by session basis. We will be playing with a number of House Rules. The previous campaign we played in this group was the Inquisitorial Campaign, which took place some 30 years before now: Golden Age; Funeral Procession; Farewell to Inquisitors

Three decades have passed since the Inquisitors’ grand burial ceremony in the Imperial City. Most details of their exploits since the Third Battle of Amber Hills have been shrouded in mystery, as was the manner of their deaths. That only added to the mystique and admiration for the Inquisition.

Many and more rumours swirled throughout the empire and beyond. Some spoke of the quelling of seditious activity in Za’Har, others of the new the alliance with the Raven Lands, the end of banditry in Eidenwald or the bold actions of Inquisitor Jurro in Andorra; as well as countless other acts and stories: each more fanciful then the next. Enough, certainly, to provide grist for the songs of ever-inventive bards and minstrels thruought Misuria. The tales grew in the telling and it was not long before the Heroes of Blacksummer were a legend throughout the Empire.

And so, on a cold morning in November 789, countless crowds had turned out to spectate the passage of a line of black hearses, each bearing a coffin draped with the flag of the Empire. From the Hall of Truth, they rode to the Grand Plaza in front of the Imperial Palace, the crowds lining the streets almost completely silent. There row after row of solemn dignitaries paid their respects to the line of horse drawn caskets. From the Plaza, the funerary procession continued to the East Gate and began its long journey to the crypts beneath the castle of Otronto, the ancient Seat of the inquisition. At every town and village on the way citizens would stop to pay their respects.

The caskets were empty.

The Cintran Wars

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