Cintran Wars: Maelstrom

This is the second campaign in the Misuria setting. At least for now, our intrepid heroes are aboard the Dawn’s Dove – an independent merchant ship. A number of Mysteries surround the way they found themselves there.

We will continually update the info on the State of the Ship, the Crew. read more about the ship here: Dawn’s Dove Layout.

This is a semi-casual D&D campaign that is being run online for members of Adventurers Guild Melbourne. We are playing an ongoing campaign but attendees at the Guild events are welcome to drop in on a session by session basis. We will be playing with a number of House Rules. The previous campaign we played in this group was the Inquisitorial Campaign, which took place some 30 years before now: Golden Age; Funeral Procession; Farewell to Inquisitors

A grey gloomy November sky and an equally gray ocean, restless and desolate, stretch out in all directions as far as the eye can see.

The Dove’s sails are all out, swelling in the stiff North-North-Westerly breeze swaying the ship in a way which might have seemed dangerous to a landsman. It is winter, and the air is wet with icy cold drizzle, amply subsidised by seaspray from the the vessel’s prow as she cuts through the grim waves like a knife. Yet the wind carries with it a brisk freshness as well, the smell of the open sea is a welcome change from the bustling streets, dissemblings and machinations of the great city in your wake.

Having received a polite “invitation” from the Captain’s Mast you hastily filled the Dove’s hold and left Messin two days ago; heading South and West, towards Freeport. Towards home. And yet, you are not the same crew which left the island almost a halfyear ago: you have made great strides towards finding a place, a purpose for yourselves in this world. You know now, each in their own way, who you are and who you wish to become. You have obtained items of power and tomes of knowledge; you have made friends and adversaries; and you have taken steps to understand your once-unknowable past.

The crew has come together as well. Though not yet forged in the fires of battle you would back them against any other crew you’ve seen. On deck, Coatsworth gives an order (phrased like a polite suggestion) to Alberro, currently his Second in Command. Within moments, under the sharp tongue of Jack McBride, a couple of sailors rush up onto the mizzen like squirrels and Hafi adjusts the helm by one or two points. Varres and Coatsworth exchange satisfied glances, this crew is a well-oiled machine. They have confidence in their ship, their leaders and, most importantly, each other.

The horizon darkens, and the glass has been falling for a time. Unless you miss your guess, you’ll face some storms on this journey yet. Be ready.

The Cintran Wars

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