Cintran Wars*

This is a semi-casual D&D campaign that is being run online for members of Adventurers Guild Melbourne. We have started as detached adventures but have rolled into an ongoing campaign. By now the adventurers have left the Adventurer’s Guild and most have joined the Imperial Inquisition. Having joined the Inquisition the adventurers have hunted down and killed the former Grand Inquisitor Jeremiah Covax. While they did not manage to prevent the outbreak of war their actions were instrumental in containing and ultimately ending the fighting.

Don’t Panic the resources here are just dumped in because i had the material amassed over 4 months or so – you don’t need to read anything to join in. If you have a char of the appropriate level you can just be “written into” the current adventure. Having said that, if you want to dive heart and soul into your role as the imperial inquisitor then get into the wiki.

Another campaign begins: You can take a look at the background here, more on the Zerrikanians here. Check out the adventure log too.

OLD: The summary of the situation on the main continent of Misuria is here. Since the players have joined the empire you may want to read up about it.

Most of the history of the campaign is summed up (very briefly) here and you can also access all the background documents which, over time, made up the continent of Misuria.

The Cintran Wars

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