Cintran Wars*

A Fond Farewell

Unswayed by the images you saw in the Hearth of Memories you have rejected the Dragon’s offer without hesitation. As you left the shadowy castle you heard Cleanthes’ shouts of impotent rage – trapped in a prison of his own making and unable to alter the timeline he will linger here.

War will not come to the Empire. Khan Ogodai will burn no cities to the ground and enslave no populations. He will not break the great polity of the west. Imperial and other citizens will never know the fate they avoided. They will never know to whom they owe their lives.

Only three people who know the truth survive: Sybilla, Anais and Allegra.

Cleanthes described time as a river and he was correct: most of the time most people have no impact on the stream of the river, they merely exist within it. The inquisitors were an exception. You had taken the reins of power and, in large part due to your actions, war was prevented both to the east and to the west. Perhaps laying the foundation of a just and lasting peace for the continent of Misuria.

You had succeeded in building the Inquisition into an organ useful to the State and to the People within it. You have confidence that it will continue at this course under the watchful eyes of Jurro and Eduardo Ribbah. You had built many coalitions and so the Inquisition can be confident of help, when such might be needed.

From the frozen wastes of the Icemark Sea to the Smoking Island far to the south, from the bustling metropolis of Messin to the endless plains of Za’har you had conducted yourself with honour, integrity, wisdom and dignity (well mostly) and carried forward the values and ideals of the Adventurer’s Guild without hesitation or complaint. So it was at the end.

While many will remember the names of the Heroes of Blacksummer or the Warriors of Amber Hills there are many who will mourn you not as national heroes but as personal friends, supporters and admirers.

I count myself among that number.

This is a semi-casual D&D campaign that is being run online for members of Adventurers Guild Melbourne. We have started as detached adventures but have rolled into an ongoing campaign. By now the adventurers have left the Adventurer’s Guild and most have joined the Imperial Inquisition. Having joined the Inquisition the adventurers have hunted down and killed the former Grand Inquisitor Jeremiah Covax. While they did not manage to prevent the outbreak of war their actions were instrumental in containing and ultimately ending the fighting.

The Cintran Wars

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